Buttons crash gui under AAX 64-bit PC?



I have build a plugin in both 32, 64bit formats for MAC vst,au, aax and pc vst,aax

All versions work fine including the PC vst 32-64 bit except the aax 64bit PC version (I havent tried yet the PC 32bit aax)

For the PC 64bit aax all the sliders and graphic objects work fine except the buttons.

When a button is pressed the gui either crashes or freezes and there is no response from the plugin gui any further.

I am using the latest introjucer modules, and latest production 11.0.0 and dev 11.0.2 Pro tools with VS2010

I removed all the code from the buttons including the click() method and still freezes the gui when the button area is clicked.

I am using the juce::Button class with an embeded  image as produced by the jucer.

Please advice





Well, what's the stack trace when it does this?

Hi Jules,

With the latest juce is not crashing but the gui remains static and u can not interact with any objects.

With the previous version of juce when the click() method was triggered there was a crash, I think my previous version was 2.0.44

Stack trace please!

Hi Jules,

After attaching VS on Protoolsdev and making no sense for crashes of simple drawing functions like fillRect and regular crashes of the Pace license manager I found out what was causing these problems.

After a certain installation on my win7 probably protoolsdev or some windows updates the Avira antivirus control panel was crashing on Win7 startup. This was causing the Pace license manager to require re-installation every few reboots plus the problems on the juce plugins.

De-installing avira and installing a different anti virus solved all the problems.