C++17, conflicts with register "keyword"

I’m interested to use some features from C++17. There is only a problem, in the libflac appears the removed keyword “register” in the files bitwriter.c (line 306), MD5.c (line 56 and line 141) and bitreader.c (line 93) .The variables are actually from type uint32 (unsigned int 32 bits).The same problem appears in the zlib, many times. I could change it for myself, I should know exactly how should I replace this keywords

Yep, we obviously don’t use the keyword anywhere in our own code, but there will be a few ancient 3rd-party libraries that still have it in there.

You can just delete it. Compilers have ignored it for decades, as they do all the register allocation themselves.

I’ll have a quick search for it and delete it from our repo to avoid bothering people with these warnings

Hmm… actually, I did find a couple of places left where it was used, and I’ll sort them out now, but it looks like that ones you mentioned here were already fixed almost a year ago! You might want to use an up-to-date version of juce before reporting problems!

Sorry for my delayed answer. Yes, you are right. I load the false Juce modules (the old one) to the project, therefore appear these errors. I apologize me for this error. Now works fine.