C files in new Jucer generated Makefile


I use the amalgamated version of sqlite3 for a crossplatform application, which means that i include the sqlite3.c in my source tree. The Jucer generated projects can compile sqlite3.c properly but when I use the Makefile on linux, compilation fails. I have to modify the following lines in the Makefile manually to be able to compile:


[code]$(OBJDIR)/sqlite3.o: …/…/Source/sqlite3.c

@$(CXX) $(CXXFLAGS) -o "$@" -c "$<"[/code] 


[code]$(OBJDIR)/sqlite3.o: …/…/Source/sqlite3.c

@$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o "$@" -c "$<"[/code]

I think this means that sqlite3.c is compiled with gcc instead of g++. Am I right?

Is there a way to configure that in the Jucer?



Ah, I see. No problem, I can tweak that to make it deal with .c files.


Hi Jules,

thanks for this.