Cached image rendering performance

When i move between rows in a TreeView the entire tree redraws it seems. Is that normal?. That’s causing a slow down.

Each row in the tree has several small components in. Most of the rendering CPU time is spent drawing these cached component images for these small component images.

Any bright ideas on speeding this up further?

It should only repaint the rows that change… Have you tried good old JUCE_ENABLE_REPAINT_DEBUGGING?

I had other things measuring it … but just for you I’ll double check with that enabled…:slight_smile:

mmm, seems to be repainting as a whole unit!

Does anyone know how to set a breakpoint for when the repaint method on a specific component is hit? Maybe I can do a conditional breakpoint pointing at a specific this pointer value … goign to see if that works:)

That does work. Very handy. Still haven’t solved the mystery of why the whole tree is repainting at once though. However, did spot enough things in the process to resolve the performance problem.