Call to implicitly-deleted copy constructor of 'const juce::Identifier'

Hey there,

I started getting this error today while working on a project.

“Call to implicitly-deleted copy constructor of ‘juce::Identifier’” juce_CachedValue.h

And then there is a pre-processor warning in juce::Indentifier.h
“’/*’ within block comment”

At first I thought it was due to some code I wrote, but every project I open with JUCE now has this issue. Im in Xcode on Mac. Just want to know how to fix this? I tried restarting already.

Sounds like you might have accidentally edited some of the juice library files, probably Identifier.h. See if you can spot it, and if not, re-download that file.

Yup somehow accidentally commented out part of Identifier.h
Probably should have realized that was the issue lol. I appreciate your help!