Callback on audio session interrupts and routing changes

I tested again. Both phone call interruptions and different apps that want to play music work as expected :slight_smile:

I’m having an issue here when loading a movie via the iOS image picker from inside my app. The movie previewer sends interruption messages, and with the latest (the “close()” solution) JUCE audio doesn’t resume after the movie previewer is being dismissed. Using isRunning = false; AudioOutputUnitStop (audioUnit); instead of close() fixes this. Seems that calling close() on kAudioSessionBeginInterruption is not properly balanced by what happens when kAudioSessionEndInterruption is called.

Ok… seems reasonable. How about also balancing the session activity, i.e.

isrunning = false; AudioOutputUnitStop (audioUnit); AudioSessionSetActive (false);


Seems reasonable as well, and doesn’t make any noticeable difference in my use case…

Ok, will go with that. Thanks!