Camera Device Problems

Hi Jules,

I’m making a video capture application, using Aver-media Tv Tuner card,

The problem is when I install the drivers of the card, the juce demo shows
the name of the Tv tuner card but when I select it it doesn’t show the video.
(shows a black screen)…

The Aver-media Tv tuner card’s application shows the video just fine.

The video from my web cam seems to be working fine.

Is there any way i could know what is going wrong.

Thanks and regards

Hi Again,

Well I also have a pcmcia Imperex capture card,

after installing the drivers of the same, my application was working fine till one of my port on
the card gave up ( composit 1). Well my card has composit 1 and composit 2, two analog video
inputs, The demo was working fine with composit 1.

Now the inbuilt application with the card also could not read the images on the composit 1,
but they have options to switch these channels and if I select composit 2 it works fine.

My question is there any piece of code where in juce demo where you are assuming that the
feed is composit /S- Video and is at channel 1? so that I can change that to channel 2!
(also other options like interlaced, Pal, Ntsc etc)Or in camera device class.

I’ll be more than happy if some one tells me what am i doing wrong…

Thanks and cheers,

I really don’t know how that must be handled by DirectShow… You might want to go digging around in juce_win32_Camera.cpp to see what you can find, but I’m no expert on the subtleties of particular capture cards!