CameraDemo (pip and DemoRunner) sharing/saving files

(devel tip, Latest Win10 x64 , latest AndroidStudio, Nexus 5 A6.0.1).

I’m having problems saving (i.e. sharing to file) a captured video.

In the PIP I’ve ensured all of the permissions I can think of are selected (cameraRequired, sharing, AudioInputRequired (JIC!), Read AND Write to External Storage, and ContentSharing ) AND remembered to save the project before testing!
But I always seem to get an error message that the sharing fails.

{I’m just wondering if this is related to an issue recently fixed by @ed95 to do with permissions }

Could someone who knows what they’re doing check something for me? The saving the captured video seems to fail for me Simple to try, build the demoRunner/PIP install on device, capture vid, click save… please let me know see if see (or don’t see!) the same thing. Thanks

Shot in the dark: Could it be that the app isn’t requesting those permissions at runtime? This is required from Android Marshmallow 6.0 onwards.

You can check this by deleting the app, reinstalling it and running it. You should be prompted (usually at startup) to grant the various permissions.

More info:

Hi @Don_Turner that’s the change (I think @ed95 made recently for the camera demo… I’d assumed that the same changes would also cater for other permissions required… but I may be wrong. I usually am! :blush: )
I think I did uninstall and re-install, but I’m not absolutely certain, so I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the suggestion.