Can a plugin create a DeviceManager?

Can a plugin create a DeviceManager? I’m assuming not, since I tried it and it kills the host audio.

I want to create a plugin that can capture audio independent from the host? Is there any way to do this? Or will I have to launch a separate process with it’s own device manager? (I know that won’t work if the host has opened it’s audio device in exclusive mode – but there is no way to work around that)

I guess it just depends on the drivers… If they allow multiple clients then there shouldn’t be a problem opening a device that’s already open. But like you say, if it’s in exclusive mode then there’s not much can be done about that!

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I can confirm that for Logic and FinalCut, just used this for auditioning tracks, before they are set in the plugin (especially useful, when you want to audition while the project is not playing, because no processBlock is happening…)