Can a PropertyComponent be used to control a parameter of a plugin's AudioProcessorValueTreeState?

Hi everyone.
I’ve been getting into plugin development this year and been reading the forums quite a bit, but this is my first time posting.

My question is about the PropertyComponent classes.

I am building my first plugin, and, since I am not particularly experienced writing GUI I am using a ConcertinaPanel to easily keep track of some sliders, combo boxes etc. (my plugin is in a state where GenericAudioProcessorEditor is no longer acceptable)
I have set some concertina panels up based on the PropertiesDemo found in the JUCE extras.
My goal is to have the parameters of my plugin’s APVTS linked to components on the concertina panel.

I think I might not be using property components for their intended purpose, which seems to be for properties pages of DAWs or similar, and not for holding modulatable parameters of a plugin; but otherwise the concertina + property panels suit my purposes.

The problem I am having:
My concertina panel has some propertypanels, however the appropriate property component classes that go in the property panels, have their underlying component,
ie. a Button, ComboBox etc as private, so I cannot attach apvts attachments to them. Slider is the only exception, with the actual Slider being under ‘protected’ in SliderPropertyComponent.

I noticed the constructor of PropertyComponent classes takes a Value valueToControl as one of it’s arguments.
Does this mean I can pass an apvts parameter as the value to control via the getParameterAsValue() method? I have tried this approach and it did not seem to work, however I may have missed something.

I hope it’s possible, that would be pretty neat. Otherwise it seems my best bet is to copy the Slider/choice/button/etc. propertycomponent classes I need from the JUCE source code, and renaming + modifying them to give myself access to the buttons/comboboxes.

I’ve tried to make this as detailed as possible, if there is anything I should clarify please let me know :slight_smile:

update. I have made a new class – a stripped down version of the ComboBoxPropertyComponent based off the JUCE source, and that worked out fine for attaching apvts attachments & controlling the apvts parameters

I guess my problem is solved, for now :grin:

if anyone has any input about this please feel free to comment.