Can I check if host-provided plugin window is resizable?

Is there a way to tell if the window the host gives us for our plugin is resizable (i.e., has native resize handles) or not?

We are setting our editor to be resizable using setResizable( true, true ), but on some hosts, like VST3 in Studio One on the Mac, the window has its own resize “handles” around the borders, and those (sometimes/often) prevent our plugin from getting click/drag operations on the corner resize handle. (I also tried (false,true), with same results.) It becomes frustrating for the user, because the window won’t respond to attempts to resize using the host-provided border resizing.

I was thinking that, if I could determine if the host had provided us with a natively resizable window, then we could change how our window resizes, allowing only the native resizing when that is provided, and only the corner resizing when native resizing is not provided. So is there a way for the Editor to ask this question?

Or, is there a better way…?

I tried this in my Editor class, (both when creating it and later, just in case getPeer() returned a nullptr during editor construction):

	ComponentPeer* pPeer = this->getPeer();
	if (pPeer != nullptr)
	  hasHostResizeHandles = ((pPeer->getStyleFlags() & juce::ComponentPeer::windowIsResizable) != 0);

in Studio One VST3 on Mac, but even though the window does have borders that should allow it to resize, I get false for that, because the getStyleFlags() returns 1024, which does not include the resizable style flag.