Can I make a VST to export Cubase song structure?

Hi everyone, I just discovered JUCE and I’m interested in making a specific plugin for Cubase that would export the song structure : list and content of all tracks (audio/midi) with their position in the timeline and data about section looping, automation keyframes and such.

Is it possible to achieve with a VST ? Can a VST access this data in Cubase or is it just for processing sound ?

Thank you !

It is the later, VST is just processing sound.
Celemony has developed together with Presonus the ARA extension, that gives some information about the project structure and access to the audio.

Another option is to export OMF/AAF from your DAW and process that information (is meant to be a portable process structure for import/export between different DAWs)

And Reaper has deep developer access via ReaScript, but I haven’t used that so far.

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Thank you very much for the detailed answer ! I explored the OMF solution but it’s a binary and I need to access the data from a coding environment, which means ideally a JSON or XML format. I can export the tracks with XML but I’m still having a hard time understanding the informations given by Cubase, especially the time base they’re using.

I didn’t know about the ARA extension, I will check it out right now. And I knew about Reaper and the features you mention but since I’m using Cubase, I’d like to get data from this specific software.

So thank you for giving me the confirmation that VST isn’t for accessing project structure, I’ll check other ways to solve my problem then.

Thank you very much.

In terms of understanding the OMF this might help? [

OMF Interchange Specification Version 2.1 - › wp-content › uploads › 2014/12 › omfspec21

Thanks a lot, that’s the document I’ve read and that made me think that OMF would be tricky for me as I need to use my song structure in a game engine, hence parsing it in some way or another to get the data I need from it. I also looked for OMF parsers but there are only 2 softwares that seem now outdated.

OMF seems to export every media all together to be read in other DAWs, but I only need to use the song structure (all tracks and their time start/end) and MIDI data.

For the moment the closest I get is the XML export but I still can’t read the time format. Do you know btw what is the time format used by Cubase in its XML export ?

I also searched about the ARA extension format to access Cubase inner workings but there’s very few documentation about it, I only found stuff about Melodyne.

Again thanks a bunch !