Can I run Graphics and Image::setPixelAt() during compilation?

I have in my project plenty Image objects which I fill with vectorized data by Graphics(myImage).
I also fill some objects with Image::setPixelAt()

All of that takes long time to run when I open my plugin AudioProcessorEditor.

So I wonder is that possible to fill my Image objects with Graphics(myImage) and Image::setPixelAt() while compiling my plugin, in such way that later when user open plugin window the images will be used in runtime as ready to use binary data?

For any help great thanks in advance,
Best Regards

The one solution I can see for this is a separate tool that is run prior to compilation, which generates the assets in files, which are bundled into the app.

Having said that, this is where constexpr would be used. ie. using constexpr you can run code at compile time, with limitations of course. and I have no idea how this would be achieved. :slight_smile: