Can we cuss on the forum?

I’m asking for a friend I would never do such a thing…

hell no!

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Shit would be wild if we did…

Hey Synth Edit was first audio programming I ever did.


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Context is very important → Code of Conduct

Anything that violates the code of conduct will get you kicked off. Excessive swearing will get you a warning, but there’s some room for freedom of expression. We’re proud of how welcoming this forum is and we will ask people to reign their language in to maintain that.


Thanks for the quick response. I was curious were the line was because I’ve never seen anything negative on the forums, which is amazing.

My friend I work with, said yesterday he’s never seen anyone cuss on the forum. So I was curious.

I wouldn’t do any of the toxic stuff.
Thanks again,

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:joy: this is perfect haha

great clip!

“never seen anything negative on the forums”

oh if you go back far enough there’s been some ridiculous flames, like that time AdmiralCorrectness or something gave Jules a hard time for not supporting doubles throughout the framework, even though it was pretty clear you only benefit from using doubles in DSP in fairly specific scenarios. But yeah, especially in recent years it’s a great bunch of folks for the most part, other than the odd grumpy dev~!


That guy was box office on every forum, so angry!


“AdmiralQuality”, lol… He was banned from the dev forum on kvraudio too…


OH no!!! @cpr2323

I’ll check into him @hill-matthew