Can we dynamically load a plugin in all available tracks in a host?

I am working with Ableton, Max4Live and Live Object Model. I want a create a Max4Live plugin that can (possibly, I know it is not trivial) get audio buffers from all the available devices (tracks) in the currently loaded Live Set.

I am thinking of making an audio plugin in JUCE. That i can load in all tracks that can route the audio buffers to my Max4Live plugin (also aware of the synchronization problem there but that’s for later) where I communicate with Live using Live Object Model.

I’d really appreciate any inputs form the JUCE community!

If you mean loading your plugin in the host’s tracks automatically, that’s not something VST or AU etc or Juce support directly, there’s no standard API for doing that. (And it’s very very rare hosts support any non-standard method either.)

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