Can we get all of the Android Screen Orientation values in the Projucer

Currently there are only four Screen Orientation settings available in the Projucer, and I need one, fullSensor, that is not there. There are several others, so it seems like updating the list with all the options would be the correct approach:

The problem is that even the four display orientations still don’t work perfectly.

What issues are you having? Things seem to be working for me in the simulator and the one tablet I have been testing on. I’m not sure if all the the things I am doing are required, but currently this is what I am doing; I manually set fullSensor in the manifest, call Desktop::getInstance().setOrientationsEnabled (Desktop::allOrientations);, and call setFullScreen(true) in my main window component. Then in resized() I check width against height to determine if I am in landscape or portrait, and that is available to other things in my app via a Layout property in a ValueTree that holds various runtime information.

Maybe I should compare height and width too. I will have to look into this but somehow it sometimes behaves weirdly with me…

I did just see your posts in the other thread about it failing to call resized sometimes. And, I think I have seen this in my tests on iOS, with the simulator.

As iOS isn’t my main platform I haven’t tested this bug there to be honest. But if you have any input regarding this issue I would be thankful for a quick even vague post on that thread to make narrowing down this problem easier. Because if it happens on iOS too it means it is nothing wrong inside the android specific code but something general juce related…