Can you bypass a plugin via key command?

I am going to create a plugin that only does one thing in protools, to swap the outputs of the master fader(reverse left and right). But I want to find a way to do the swap via key commands to toggle the state. ie Command Shift F to flip the state to reversed outputs and the same to toggle back to the normal state. This should work even if the plugin is not visible at the time. I know that some people have access to communicate to/from the plugin via usb like some external reverbs and hardware control from a plugin so maybe this is possible?

A sidenote I have a custom macro keyboard connected to the computer with a custom app running at all times connected via USB. I’m curious if internally my app may be able to communicate with the plug-in via some method.

I’d look into using midi cc/keys to toggle this.

Thanks for the idea. Yes I can certainly have my standalone app output a midi note or cc on a node. However the question is can the plug-in be always active receiving the Midi input even if it is not on a midi track, for example if it’s on the master output can it always be in receive mode for the specific media channel.

I’m not a PT expert by any stretch, but I think it’s possible to have FX effects with MIDI inputs in PT. The routing might not be much fun though.

I hadn’t your standalone app in mind - thought it would be more generic to use a MIDI controller.

Thinking about it again: Why don’t you just expose this as a regular audio parameter (Stereo-Swap On/Off) and then use the DAWs mean to somehow map this to a MIDI controller or Keyboard key. I’m not sure if this is possible in PT (it must be!) - but it’s in Live. In Live you could map the parameter to your keyboard or MIDI controller easily - no problem.

I’m familiar with logic and live to right click and map controllers. That’s not an option. Also the plugin I want to make would need the midi code to do such a thing. However in a search for Juce midi control I found this which at a glance seems to suggest you can choose a midi device and act on note on and note off. Hopefully I can find someone here that may offer an hour consult for a fee on zoom to see if this can be done.