Can you template IIRFilter for float or double



Yes, but this'll be something that we do when we move it into the new DSP module..

I just did, it was a simple copy'n'paste task.

I had only to move processSamples and processSingleSampleRaw into the header usint typename FloatType instead of float.

The coefficients are already double variables and v1 and v2 internal states I changed from float to double.

It should do the job until the new dsp module is out (looking forward...)

The patch file is attached...

@Jules, maybe you want to put it into the repo, if it is unsuspicious? Thanks.

I'm sure this code is fine, but since we'll be doing the same thing for the new DSP module, I don't want to confuse things by changing the existing class in the meantime.

Fair enough, thanks for having a look at it.