cancelAnimation doesn't send notification the listener. Is it default behaviour?

it’s first time I am using global ComponentAnimator with:

And according to Juce documentation the ComponentAnimator always sends two notifications to ChangeListener. First notification is when animation start, and the second one when animation end.

But sometimes I need to cancel animation before it is finished, and I use for that cancelAnimation.
But that doesn’t send “end” notification to listener.

So if I want such notification, then should I do that manually by calling ChangeListener::changeListenerCallback(), or is there any flag to set to do that automatically?

For any help great thanks in advance.
Best regards

Hmm… now after some tests it looks like I am not right. It looks like cancelAnimation sends notification to listeners.
But the problem now I have it sends notification asynchronously. But I would prefer synchronously, so have I any option?