canModalEventBeSentToComponent not working on XP?

I’m trying to make it so that my main window is still draggable when a modal dialog is up. I wrote some code that does this very well on OS X, but when I tested on windows it doesn’t work at all.

Here is what i did.

In my modal, I wrote some code that looks like this:

bool MyModalWindow::canModalEventBeSentToComponent(const Component* targetCompontent){
    if(targetCompontent == &(MainWindow::instance()))
        return true;
        return false;

(my main window is a singleton class)

Then in my main window class, I have a mouse dragger and have implemented the MouseListener methods to do dragging.

The mouse listener and dragging code works great when there is nothing modal, but I can’t click on the MainWindow when I have a modal window. It surprised me because it seems like this is exactly what the canModalEventBeSentToComponent is for, but I can’t find any reference in this forum of someone else having trouble with it. Should this work on Windows?

Thanks for any help.

Hmm, it’s supposed to work…

Hmm we’re not seeing it work, but other bugs superceded this thread… if I get a chance to get back to it i’ll try and post more details. Good to know it’s meant to work, and that it shouldn’t be a lost cause. Thanks jules.