Cannot compile mainwindowtutorial file in Xcode 6


Can anyone help? I am total noobee to programming Juce. I have watched some of the video tutorials online and have downloaded, installed and setup Xcode 6 and Juce 5 on my OSX 10.9 maverics Macintosh. I have followed the “Getting started with the producer” tutorial to set up the Projucer and run the “Hello World” app. This compiles and runs fine but when I try to edit the size of the app window and change the message displayed by altering the code in the PluginEditor.cpp window, nothing changes when I compile and run it. I also get a “Build Failed” message in Xcode when I try to compile a downloaded Projucer file called “MainWindowTutorial.jucer”.


Xcode 6 is too old for JUCE. In general, JUCE requires the latest Xcode for building. Note: that this requirement does not mean that applications built with JUCE can only run on the newest macOS. Depending on what you use as your deployment target, JUCE supports building applications for macOS versions as low as 10.6.