Can't build with VS2017?

I’m sure I’ve simply mucked up my VS 2017 install, but has anyone come across this error before? I cloned the 5.1 branch, installed VS2017 with C++ support. Tried opening the Projucer solution and hit this error log?

I’ve not seen that one before.

What is being migrated? Are you opening the VS2017 Projucer solution, or the 2015 or 2013?

I’m simply trying to open the 2017 project, with VS 2017? Strange. I can’t think what it’s trying to do. Perhaps I accidentally installed the wrong version of 2017. I’ll double check tomorrow that I installed the community version. I may try to simply reinstall 2017 and see where that gets me.

Thanks as always for the prompt reply.

i’ve just done a rebuild of Projucer with vs2017 and all fine here

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Good to know. I obviously botched up the install of VS2017. :roll_eyes:

as the other poster suggested, it seems to be doing a migration rather than an open suggesting that an older solution file was opened rather than the vs2017 one

I resolved the issue by opening the .vcxproj file and removing the project GUID. I’ve no idea why that worked, but it was suggested on a stackoverflow thread. Hopefully I won’t have to do that each time. I might try to check out another commit and see if I have to do this again…

I think there might have been something fishy going on with my version of git. I reinstalled git for Windows and now everything works out of the box.