Can't create new files on Linux

The linux version has had problems in the past when attempting to open the system file browser, though these problems have been mostly resolved I've noticed that they are back. :( I'm running the a build from the master branch (commit 40ca8a7), and attempting to add a new file to the project simply freezes Introjucer. Sadly nothing is logged to the console, so I don't have much info to go off of.

Running Ubuntu 13.10 on a 64-bit machine.

without a stack trace I can't really help there..

Just tried to replicate the error inside GDB, it seems that when running in the debugger everything works as normally but unattached it does not. Very strange, potential race condition perhaps? =/ Anyways such ghost bugs are such a pain to hunt down, especially on Linux.

There used to be a (harmless) assertion in the File class when you used the native file browser, so perhaps it's just linux throwing a tantrum when an assertion is hit when not running in the debugger? But I did fix that assertion a few days ago, so you shouldn't be seeing it any more.