Can't find RTAS build?


I recently turned on the RTAS build settings for my IntroJucer project.  I know it is building with the Digi plug-in SDK sources (and JucePlugin_Build_RTAS is 1), but no RTAS plug-in seems to be coming out!  I did an nm grep for CProcess on the build binary and nothing came back....  Is there some linker stripping setting or something else I might be missing?




Figured it out (see Copy AU/VST/RTAS script thread).  If you are building Universal (32/64), it doesn't seem to get copied by the script.  Once I put it on build architecture 32-bit only, everything worked.  Hope this saves someone else some grief.






I'd suggest to add the "-arch all" option to nm in the RTAS line of the post build script on Mac... this way, Universal Binaries get copied as well.