Helo guys, im kinda a newbie in this scene …

I just got Alesis DM-LITE so I can practice my drum skills… so,

I installed WAVEFORM 11 and im using MT Power Drum Kit as plugin to change the sound of my DM-LITE … but i cant record it but it’s another story …

I can hear my drum set just fine, but when I try to listen to something from my web browser, or something like that … the sound doesnt work, only the drums … There’s a way to listen to both the drumms and a youtube video???

and about the rec … I play the pads, the WAVEFORMS “says: Oh there is the pad” but I cant listen to the pad. Idk if is something about the drumpads being shitty … so this is it !

DM LITE -> windows 10 64 bits + Asio4ALL -> WAVEFORM configs -> PLUGIN IN DM LITE -> Hearing what im playing
(thats how it workin)

DM LITE ->windows 10 64 bits + Asio4ALL ->waveform cfg->plugin in dm lite -> press rec -> rec the pads but not the sound
(the rec is not working)