Can't import midi effect into AudioPluginHost

Trying to work out how to debug, seems DBG doesn’t send information when in host, is there any way I can?

I’ve gone through suggestions of forum about changing code of audio plugin host, to enable midi out, looked through the code and most of it had been updated to include midi out changes. When compiled and a midi effect component AU is dragged into audioPluginHost it doesn’t appear. I literally just want to read debugging statements, logic reads the file just fine, is there anyway to send debug messages from DAW into the Xcode console?

Or has anyone else found a way to successfully debug midi effects? I’m literally just trying to send one note out. I’m using the way described in midiMessage example and trying to make SetNoteValue work from a mouse down event, but I’m getting nothing, thought i’d figure out debugging as everything’s compiling fine, would like to see if the information if registered anywhere.

Also in advance no I don’t want to turn it into an audio plugin, tried that method with AudioProgrammers tutorial with Eyal about midi plugins and couldn’t get it working with xcode and live as the host.

For a simple thing like midi it seems like there’s a bit of kerfuffle here. You can’t output midi from a standalone into a DAW with a virtual midi device, you can’t out midi from logic plugins, you can’t have midi effects in live. It’s like being gradually boxed in by choices.