Can't pull juce6 i think

fork says that i’m on the juce6 branch but the change log in the actual folder says i’m still on develop. i tried to open a juce6 project and a file that belongs to juce6 was missing which indicates that i possibly really don’t have juce6 on my machine. what could be wrong?

The Breaking changes document in JUCE 6 is also titled “Develop” because this is simply the current JUCE 6 develop branch which will sooner or later become the normal develop branch. You can easily check that on the GitHub page itself by toggling through the branches with the branch dropdown while staying on the Breaking changes document:

This will reveal that the breaking changes doc at the time I’m writing this starts with

The Convolution class interface was changed:
- `loadImpulseResponse` member functions now take `enum class` parameters

which is exactly what I see in your screenshot. You say

Which file is exactly missing?

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are you sure i have juce 6? the change list literally says

== Major JUCE features and updates ==

This file just lists the more notable headline features. For more detailed info
about minor changes and bugfixes, please see the git log!

Version 5.4.7
  - Fixed a macOS focus bug causing Components to not receive mouse events

Did you even try looking it up on GitHub as I suggested? :smiley:

Yes that’s right, as JUCE 6 continues where JUCE 5 stops (and JUCE 5 continued where JUCE 4 stopped) it would be bad if the changes introduced with Version 5.4.7 would have been removed from the change log, just imagine you want to upgrade a project from 5.3.0 to 6.x in some months and want to find out what happened in between… If you scroll down enough in that file you will even find Version 4.x change logs

that makes sense. i just recompiled the projucer and it works. but i get a little error saying that my license is incompatible, which disables save and export

edit: ah i get it. now we have to actively declare if splashscreen or gpl is chosen. ok