Can't sign VST/VST3 on ARM Mac (Apple Silicon) *solved*

While it is possible to sign a Universal Binary (Apple Silicon/Intel) VST/VST3 on my Big Sur Intel Mac (latest Xcode), it is not possible to do that on an ARM Mac.

codesign returns:

Invalid or unsupported format for signature

That means that it is not possible to generate native VST3 for ARM Macs on a ARM Mac itself, because every code needs to be signed to run natively on ARM Macs.

What are your thoughts, can the problem be solved? Or have I missed something?

There is something extra that you have to enable (can’t remember off the top of my head). But it does cause problems with earlier OS versions. I gave up trying and build and sign on my catalina mac instead.

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I’m using a Silicon Mac as a main build machine for our releases. You need to set the project to target “Any Mac” instead of “My Mac” or “My Mac (Rosetta)”. Be sure all platforms are correctly selected in your jucer project (all x86 and all ARMs). Once done that, you will be able to build and sign on Silicon. There’s only a little hack to be done if you want to also build AAX on Silicon, but AU/VST2/VST3 will build just fine.


Adding to that, according to this big KVR thread, Apple have only just fixed Notarization on BigSur. It might be worth a read: HOWTO macOS Mojave/Catalina notarization (plugins, app, pkg installers) - Page 21 - DSP and Plug-in Development Forum - KVR Audio

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sorry for all the fuss, the reason for my problem was somewhere else :man_facepalming:

for all who will have the problem, here is the resolution

There was an old “.cstemp”-file lying next to the binary, from march!!
For some reason this is not overwritten, nor is it automatically deleted by a clean build

I guess its was created by an older Xcode Version from an interrupted signing process, and because it happened only with the VST builds, it led me to a completely wrong conclusion

The issues described here is similar