Capital letters on mac?


I having a weird problem, whenever i try to type in with the caps lock on inside text editors - i get an assertion fault:

// If you specify an upper-case letter but no shift key, how is the user supposed to press it!? // Stick to lower-case letters when defining a keypress, to avoid ambiguity.

the thing is, im not trying to define any key stroke, it happens inside juce.
this doesn’t seem to be a problem when typing with shift to get capital letters.
it happens here:

#3 0x001ce249 in juce::KeyPress::KeyPress at juce_KeyPress.cpp:51 #4 0x001fe4b4 in juce::ComponentPeer::handleKeyPress at juce_ComponentPeer.cpp:430 #5 0x0010d35a in juce::NSViewComponentPeer::handleKeyEvent at #6 0x00117944 in juce::NSViewComponentPeer::redirectKeyDown at #7 0x00109eb2 in -[JuceNSView_1_50_3 keyDown:] at

perhaps i am doing something wrong? its hard to locate where tho, since this happens so early in the call chain. could this be a juce internal issue?


Ah yes! The assertion’s designed to stop you creating KeyPress objects that are ambiguous, but I forgot that they could legitimately be created like that by the windowing code - I’d better tidy that up!

What does text editor has to do with keypress objects?

It has nothing to do with the texteditor. This is just being triggered when a window gets a keypress with caps lock on. It’s not a big deal, just an over-zealous assertion.

Oh. By the way does it have anything to do with

And merry Christmas to everyone.

Yes, that’s the one! I just forgot that it might get triggered by having caps lock on.