Capturing and processing Stereo Mix in standalone application?

I am curious if anyone has experience building a standalone application that captures the Stereo Mix (e.g. “What you hear”) to apply effects to it?

I am looking to implement such functionality on both Windows and MacOS X.

For Windows I should be able to use WASAPI (

I haven’t done in-depth research for OSX yet but it’s likely possible too:

If anyone has experience doing this, were you able to capture the normal audio and replace with your own processed sound on the fly? I am concerned about being only able to record and replaying later, but not being able to process the audi on the fly.

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What about using SoundFlower or other virtual audio device drivers?

OSes don’t allow you to just intercept the audio of other apps, presumably for security/copyright reasons. The only way to do this is by installing an audio driver like Soundflower.

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