Carbon Resource Forks, writing

I need to write a RSRC file on the MAC (or modify the already existing RSRC file used for identifying AU plugins). Now i know i should use the Carbon framework to do so, but i never worked with that. Does anyone know of some example on how to do that ? Maybe some other library can do that and is in C++ not objective-c (i don't know objective-c). Also using Rez is out of the question because end users don't have XCode installed, unless there is some other tool that could modify a rsrc file and IS on each OSX instance.

Maybe there is a utility that could do that and maybe it's open source ? Anything will be helpful.

(to clarify in order to export NEW AU version of my own plugin i need to re-write some resources in the RSRC file, although Carbon id deprecated most of known DAWs still use that and I need to do it)