CEM 3396

Hi all,
A bit off the JUCE topic but … I keep buying new synths and sending them straight back.
Can anyone here help me build a CEM 3396 synth with a new fast microprocessor controlling the envelopes. I tried the Dave Smith stuff ( and about every other “new” thing ) and sent it all back.

Let’s do it!

Hi Sean,

I am currently working on synth with CEM3396. I have made a dual dco with fm input, cross modulation and sync. I have programmed a esp32 to provide the envelopes (2 times 6 or 8) , lfo , midi and all the nessesary controlling. So, i think this is what you are looking for. I hope i will succeed with all of this. evantually i will put all of this in a open source page, so anybody can make one.

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Cool ! keep me posted !!!