Certain menus don't open - must right-click to open

I’m having the same issue with two separate JUCE applications (neither of which I wrote, but I am independently getting into JUCE myself):

Certain menus don’t open with a left-click. They quickly flutter open then close. They do open, strangely, with a right-click.

I’m thinking this may be because I have JUCE apps installed, since the companies have never heard of the issue before.

I’m on my rig 12 hours a day and haven’t noticed it in any other apps, and it happens on both of my computers with JUCE installed, so it’s definitely JUCE-related.

My question is, should I uninstall JUCE?

Is there a preference I can reset?

I don’t have any important projects or settings yet that I need to save.

Mac Sierra and Mojave

Having the JUCE framework and associated apps on your computer should not have any effect on any other applications running.

In theory I agree… but what else could it be?

LOL… that’s just a funny question, sorry… How would I know what’s wrong with your computers. But, JUCE does in no way ‘install’ anything. It is a collection of files within it’s own directory structure. It does not ‘hook’ into your OS in anyway that would allow it to effect other applications. Nor does it not install any dynamically loaded libraries, that would change the behavior of other apps that were built with JUCE.

If you built a JUCE based app, using a different version of JUCE (expecially the develop branch, vs the main branch), there could possibly be issues. And uninstalling JUCE would not fix the application. You would have to build it against another version of JUCE to fix that issue.

Hah, I know how it came off :slight_smile: But I also know there’s an explanation somewhere, especially if it happens on two computers on different OS’s (one computer being new and is pretty minimal).

Again these are commercial applications (Loopcloud and PluginDoctor), not my own, so I can’t build them.

Anyway, the problem has been bugging me for awhile. I put this thread up for others who are having the same issue, and anyone willing to help. I’m sure we’ll come to a solution.

No worries.

But the solution won’t have anything to do with you installing JUCE. :wink:

That’s great to hear, because I don’t want to uninstall it!

Loopcloud is made with JCUE, best to send them a note, when it occurs and I am sure they are happy to tackle it.

Thanks. I did send them a note. They don’t have any other reports of it. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. I’m one of the only people who would write in because two small menus aren’t working :laughing:

What would you “uninstall”?? JUCE doesn’t get “installed”, it’s just a bunch of C++ files. You’re probably talking about the projucer, but all that its installer does is to copy the app into a folder on your disk - none of our apps will run in the background or do anything at all when they’re not active.

If you do have some piece of software running in the background on your machine which is somehow messing with other apps then you’d need to figure out which one it is and contact the developers. But whether or not it uses juce is definitely not relevant to what you’re seeing.

I apologize for my backwards logic.

I will go delete any apps that specifically target certain menus in JUCE apps.

Then and only then will I propose that installing JUCE could affect JUCE apps, as that’s the most unlikely scenario of all.


No need to apologise. I think it was a legit question. There are possible scenarios, where you could see side effects, as unlikely as they may seem:

  • If an application installs newer versions of dynamically loaded libraries (DLL) or shared objects (.so), it could have an effect. But there is no default DLL version of JUCE, so chances that two processes share juce code is more than unlikely
  • If you load two juce plugins in a DAW, they might end up accessing the same statics. I don’t know, how likely that is, and if there are measures in place… JUCE does not guarantee binary compatibility between different versions
  • many applications have some settings in the windows registry or in ~/Library/Application Support/<CompanyName>/. If two applications didn’t set their company name they could end up reading the same properties. Again, very unlikely
  • The JUCE installer does indeed not install anything shared, except for the Projucer itself, so the settings of Projucer 4 and Projucer 5 are shared, and if people switch back and forth this can create issues. But that only affects the Projucer itself, like I said before

But in the summary it is still correct, uninstalling anything won’t solve your problem

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