CFF Rendering coming to JUCE/VFLib! via FreeTypeFaces!


Check out the difference:

FreeType Native CFF Rasterizer (Old)

FreeType using the New Adobe CFF Rasterizer [color=red]New![/color]

I’m bringing the changes into the FreeType amalgamation, which will then go into VFLib. So anyone who is already using vf::FreeTypeFaces will see immediate improvement with CFF fonts in JUCE!

Sounds very interesting!


The difference is remarkable. Thank you for your effort Vinn.

Do you work with Jules in his effort of integrating FreeType into Juce? Until he’s done, I don’t know what to focus on…!?

I’m not entirely sure what he’s doing so I can’t comment.

I got interested in this again. What’s the status on the CFF update, Vinnie? Is it available in any experimental form yet?

I haven’t done anything to be honest. You could try to amalgamate the new FreeType yourself and commit it to VFLib.