Chain MIDI Effects / Keep settings when losing focus

this is a two in one post :wink:

I created a small MIDI FX, a little beat reapeter with some extra functions. All works fine, there are two issues:

  1. I would like to chain this maybe to another MIDI Plugin or even another instance of itself, but it does not offer the routig option in my daw (while other plugins from 3rd party do so its not the daw)

is there anything I need to configure or code?

  1. My Plugin seems to lose its settings, when I close the gui or it loses focus somehow, what can I do here

Thanks in advance!

  1. You can chain Audio Unit MIDI FX plugins in Logic/Mainstage by placing the plugins in MIDI FX slots. But chaining MIDI VST’s (for example) in Ableton Live requires creating separate MIDI tracks for each plugin and connections between them, so it is not as flexible.

  2. You should not load/store state when opening/closing the plugin editor window, use getStateInformation/setStateInformation functions in AudioProcessor instead.