Changing FFT Size and fifo arrays

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I’m working on a plug-in to compute the FFT of two input channels. So far I’ve followed the tutorial and have it working but with a fixed FFT size, using the FFT::perform() method because I want to show frequency and phase information.

I know for a related post that it’s recommended to use a ScopedPointer for the FFT object. However, I’m struggling to set the fifo, ffData and also fftComplexData (type std::complex) arrays with the new fftSize. What would you recommend to re-init these arrays?

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My God, I din’t think it would be that simple. Thank you so much, it works perfectly fine !!

No big issue, more a heads-up: If you tried that you will probably have noticed a deprecation warning in your compiler output. It’s recommended to use std::unique_ptr instead in new code