Changing the juce_AudioPluginFilterTemplate

Hey there! I am looking to change the …/extras/Projucer/Source/BinaryData/juce_AudioPluginFilterTemplate.h, yet when I do so and rebuild the projucer the changes are not reflected in the auto-generated code.

I noticed that in …/extras/Projucer/JuceLibraryCode/BinaryData.cpp line 6384 I can see ‘juce_AudioPluginFilterTemplate’ written in some sort of markdown language (I think!). In this location my customizations are NOT reflected.

At the top of the BinaryData.cpp file, I see it says
“This is an auto-generated file: Any edits you make may be overwritten!”.
Yet I cannot find any call to generate this file.

Even weirder, this file is already generated and identical on the juce github repo. So it doesn’t seem like it is being auto-generated, but rather fixed in form.

Where is this ‘BinaryData.h’ file generated from??
How does it relate to the ‘jucer_AudioPluginFilterTemplate.h’?
How is this already generated, when I haven’t built the projucer solution yet?