Changing the mouse cursor to CopyingCursor when shift held down during drag operation

I have a TableListBox (in a plugin project) which I’m allowing rows to be re-ordered with DragAndDropContainer/DragAndDropTarget combo, which is working nicely.
I also can hold down shift when dropping a row to create a copy, which is also working nicely.
What I would like to do is change the mouse cursor to CopyingCursor whilst shift key is down during the drag operation.
I tried using setMouseCursor on my TableListBox but that didn’t work.
The closest I’ve managed to get this working is:

        auto mods = ModifierKeys::getCurrentModifiers();
        myCursor = MouseCursor(mods.isShiftDown() ? MouseCursor::CopyingCursor : MouseCursor::NormalCursor);

but I only see brief flashes of the copying cursor (presumably DragAndDropContainer is changing the cursor back to default?).

This must be a common thing to do, what have I missed?

The MouseEvent has a MouseInputSource, on which you can call showMouseCursor (const MouseCursor& cursor)

if (event.mods.isAltDown())
    event.source.showMouseCursor (MouseCursor::CopyingCursor);
    event.source.showMouseCursor (MouseCursor::DraggingHandCursor);

Oh, reading again before pressing send, I realise it will have the same effect like you already have :frowning:

Anyway, it’s a shortcut :wink:

If you need the DragAndDropContainer, you can use findParentDragContainerFor():

auto* container = DragAndDropContainer::findParentDragContainerFor (event.originalComponent);

But I don’t see, how you would change the cursor there…

Good luck

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I dug a bit further down into JUCE internals, and it seems that DragImageComponent is calling forceMouseCursorUpdate() on the main mouse source, which is calling revealCursor() which is setting up a MouseCursor mc (MouseCursor::NormalCursor); and showing it. Which would explain why I managed to only see brief flashes of the CopyingCursor and seems to suggest that what I’m trying to achieve is impossible :frowning: