Channel config only appearing when running Logic as root

I have a plugin that has a mono->stereo channel configuration, and it works perfectly fine when debugging Logic as root. But when I try to run Logic as a regular user, the channel config option is not available. When running a mono track into it, it show options for Stereo and Mono, and if I select Mono, the option for stereo disappears. This makes sense, as it’s being used on a mono track, but I can’t figure out why it won’t present the Mono->Stereo option. I’ve tried copying the AU to the user plugin folder, no dice. Tried rescanning in Auval as root and as a regular user, no dice.

Any ideas?

Interested in knowing where you get with this.
I have similar issues in Logic but the root user thing is news to me.

Similar issues meaning you can’t get Mono->Stereo to show up?

I have 100 possible In vs Out channel configs in my plugin
Logic is a mess for us right now.

And I’m guessing Reaper works perfectly…