Chase Your Dreams!

Hey, my name is Skyler.

I wanted to take the time to make a post after my first juce plugin is now being sold in a store that is not my website. I started with a RackAfx textbook and no idea how to program c++ or what the heck dsp even was. Needless to say I have read it 11 times.

Zero to Hero, although I was making viable products my first year. It didn’t become fun until the end of year two or year three. Which was after one year in RackAfx, then spending one year in Juce everyday. Juce has become my tool shed. I go there with peace and work on my passion. Which is to manipulate sound at a “subatomic level.”

So the point of this post is to give back to the community. Dude, if you want to do this stuff you can. Create your passion and one day you’ll be glad you never gave up. I started making plugins to fund my art and it has been fun sampling my broken plugin ideas.

I was going to post a link to my plugin, however I don’t want to get flagged for promotion or something. It’s called X and it make dimensions. I read a similar post by the creator of audio damage that encouraged me on my two year development journey. It was something to do with “can you make a living at this.” He said he makes a comfortable living, and breaks even creating hardware because of his passion. It’s not about the money, but you do have bills.

So forum reader, chase your dreams because if you don’t and give up. They will haunt you and that’s worse than failing if you ask me.

Founder @ Type Writer Audio
Skyler Crank