ChildProcess request

Would it be possible to add a kill() method for the ChildProcess class or at least make the process exit in the ChildProcess destructor. I need to run a process that never exits and i’d like to kill it on demand (otherwise i end up with multiple processes running in the background). And/or maybe a method to also write to the process pipe (we can read already).

I was also wondering if special characters will be read from the pipe of the ChildProcess. If i open a ChildPRocess that’s a SSH connection to a remote host i’ll be getting some weird ASCII control characters, will they be read ?

Good request.

The pipe is just binary, isn’t it? You can send anything you like down it as long as the other end can understand it.

Well i remember from Solaris that simple pipes were actually sort of a IPC and head special headers and priorities, i know Windows doesn’t do that but i have no idea how OSX does that (i assume Linux can do it both ways).

Anyway while i’m on a “good request” thread, would it be possible to somehow serialize the AttributedString to a XML or some form of a document so it could be saved for later use ? I wanted to write a small editor that allows colours/fonts on selected text and save that content for later.