Clarification regarding contract work

Hi all,

A little background info to put things into context:
I’m a freelancer doing contract work for 3rd party clients,
and up to now those all relied on other or proprietary in-house toolkits.

I have a client of mine moving to Juce 5 for their projects, and my part is focused solely on writing pure C++ dsp code and other low-level stuff not involving Juce in any way.

So my question is this: can I use the Juce 5 Personal free license only to build the whole application, without touching the ProJucer or anything Juce-specific ?
This work I very episodic, so I’m a little reluctant to purchase a full 12-month chunk of license for at most a few days’ use per year to get the job.


See this thread:

Thanks Tom,
actually I had seen this thread already and read it again.
I’m sorry, but it still doesn’t clear things for me.

Precisely, I want to know if I need a license if I don’t touch any Juce code,
only open VS/XCode projects made by the client (who has the necessary license),
and build them to test only, not for production / distribution (handled by others).
I don’t see this scenario mentioned in the thread you pointed me.

I understand Roli is busy with NAMM, I’ll wait a bit for an answer.