Class reference documentation improvements


I think the documentation for classes could be improved a lot by changing the way information is organized in a class reference page. I’m talking about pages like for example ValueTree Class Reference.

The members are listed efficiently at the begin, offering an excerpt of the complete documentation. The excerpt always ends with a “More” link for the complete content. I find many times - after the cumbersome navigation to the “More” - that there’s only a few additional words that were missing from the excerpt. Sometimes there’s nothing more behind the “More” link, except a “see also” reference. Additionally the layout of the complete documentation is a horrible waste of screen estate and i’d rather just stay in the “preview” where information is dense and compact.

JUCE class documentation is 99% about public member functions - text only, no charts or images - so after a while the whole thing with the “More” has started to feel quite absurd.

I would suggest to increase the size of the excerpt and try to omit the “More” link if there’s nothing really substantial to find by following it. I totally understand that some items contain massive documentation, but 9 out of 10 in JUCE are really one liners. Still 9 out of 10 seem to suggest there’s something more.

Please consider improving the formatting and presentation of the documentation. Thanks for reading!

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In case you haven’t seen this, there’s an alternative version of the documentation here:
I find the list on the left side very useful.