Cleaning a bit the git repo

Tbh, when you clone you have the control to start from a particular commit:

# Little bash script that makes a folder called JUCE, and helps get the more important latest stuff:
mkdir JUCE
git init
git remote add upstream

# Don't want to piss off Roli and the users by accidentally pushing code there...
# Not a worry if the repository happens to be properly safeguarded on GitHub.
git remote set-url upstream --push nopush

# Commit hash from April 14th, 2016.
git fetch upstream effb421be1b1a9d76cbeeb6ddf495baa92fe8b10

git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD

This process is irrespective of JUCE or GitHub. This can be used with wherever you’re hosting the code.

Obviously annoying if you already have a clone going on, but seriously it takes so little effort to redo the clone…