Click track and tempo track

Hi, why there is this distinction between click track and tempo track?
Isn’t it more logical to have only the tempo track with inside the clickTrack methods?

Thank you In advice!

They’re different things really CLICKTRACK is poorly named, it’s not actually a “track” in the same sense as other time-based tracks that subclass Track. It’s more of a group of settings, hence the bindings to cached values.

The TempoTrack is a time-based track that has references the TempoSequence PitchSequence and hence tempo/pitch change events on it.

It’s a good idea to keep these concepts separate because at some point in the future, you might have different “viewers” of the Edit using different “click track” settings so they can have different click track, gain, enablement etc. They would certainly need to share the TempoTrack settings though, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

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So, tell me if I understand correctly:

Click track give me those settings about metro ecc, while tempo track is the track that allows me to send click sound to an output and maybe add plugins inside.

I could have multiple tempo track that refers to the same click track for click settings.

It’ right? :slight_smile:

No, not at all.
TempoTrack is basically a placeholder wrapper around the TempoSequence and PitchSequence. It essentially gives something the UI to recognise as a “track” in the UI and returns TrackItems to represent the tempo/pitch events so you can edit them.

You don’t “send” the tempo track anywhere and you can’t add plugins to it.

The set of click track options (that are contained in the CLICKTRACK tree) simply define how the click track is produced when building the audio graph. Take a look at ClickNode and where it is constructed for more info.