CLion and AppCode

Any CLion and/or AppCode user here?
What’s your experience with those, and which one you would recommend between the 2?

And btw, is there anyone that has already set all the “code style” preferences to match the juce guidelines and that is willing to share them? (I see we can export/import them as xml)

I have installed both IDEs on my Mac and use CLion on Linux. The code editor looks and feels obviously completely the same, however as App Code gives you easy access to nearly all features Xcode gives you (like profiling, iOS simulator…), for me it feels a bit more convenient for Mac or iOS App development. However on Linux, where AppCode obviously is no option I really love coding with CLion, for me it’s the best IDE I found for Linux so far.

All this is based on the context of JUCE based projects where project generation and management is mainly done through the Projucer and not through the IDEs themselves.

You can find my code formatting settings here, they are very close to the official juce coding guidelines (except for the fact that I haven’t found an option to prevent whitespaces before an empty pair of parentheses)

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I’m a complete AppCode convert. I’ve been using it for about a year now and rarely open up XCode these days, despite exclusively working with XCode projects. It took a bit of getting used to but I’ve become completely reliant on its code searching/navigation and refactoring tools, and going back to XCode feels painfully slow to code with. Some of its inspections can show up a few false positives, but they can also be good at spotting stupid mistakes. Its very customisable so you can turn off the ones that don’t work for you.

I’ve been working on a few projects with other developers who are using XCode and the integration has been seemless, although It does generate a couple of files which you’ll add to your .gitignore.

I’ve attached my code style which more or less follows the JUCE code style guide, but there’s a few things. Most annoyingly you can’t set it to place a space before an open parenthesis which contains text, but not place a space if it doesn’t contain text. But I’ve managed to live with this… (1.1 KB)