"Clipboard does not contain a valid PIP" How to solve it?

“Clipboard does not contain a valid PIP” How to solve it?

So what are you trying? Are you actually trying to paste a PIP from the clipboard when this error message occurs and you wonder why it doesn’t work as expected? Or are you wondering what a PIP is and this message pops up when you want to do something different?

I’m trying to create a new project from clipboard

Come on, tell us a bit more of the context please, this makes it much easier to help you.

So you are trying to create a project from a PIP that you copied to the clipboard? Where do you get that PIP from? How did you copy it to the clipboard?

Or do you have something different into your clipboard you want to create your project from? If so, what is it and why/how do you expect it to work? Maybe there is some misunderstanding here, but to clear that up you have to describe what you are doing a bit more into detail