Co- founder needed – VST Programmer - Preferably London based

Hello JUCE community,

I’m a huge music production/VST enthusiast and have been working on what I believe to be an exciting and innovative product. I’m now looking for a Developer/Co-founder and was kindly pointed in the direction of this community.

Without going into too much detail on this post, our product combines some fairly standard recording/analytics VST functionality as well as more complex and interesting functions which I will go into with anyone who wishes to be part of this project.

I’m looking for a co-founder as this is a large project which will require continual development. If anyone is looking for something a bit different and interested in hearing more, please feel free to reply here or PM me.

Many Thanks,

Hi Rich, I’m interested in your project.
What’s your email?

Hi Lucas,

Sorry for such a late reply I’ve been swamped with projects recently.

I’m looking to pick this venture up again in Jan/Feb so for sure would be
great to catch up with you at some stage. My email is