Code hand-off/ownership from PRs?

May have missed the memo, but is there something I need to sign if I do a PR against the main JUCE repo, and it gets merged?

I would assume any code I provide via forum or PR to be entirely owned by Roli/JUCE at that point (and I would not be responsible for anything that goes wrong with it), but would rather be certain.

Another question I suppose; do the core JUCErs (Jules & crew) even merge user PRs, or is the workflow to take user-code and rehash it to make it Roli’s to avoid these kinds of problems?

We use PRs as a guide to what someone wants to achieve - if you discount the trivial ones then I’m yet to see a PR that meets the JUCE style requirements and solves a problem in the most elegant way possible. If we decide to incorporate the idea of the PR (often fixing or improving some other, related process too) the resultant code is exclusively a work of the JUCE team and the author of the pull request has no lingering responsibilities.