Code review?

I started following more coding standards and avoiding over engineering my code. As Julian himself pointed out I should get my code looked at before submitting it for a audio developer position and make sure it follows the “one page resume” rule. Where in the forum would I go for code reviews?

Just like any other form of support from the forums, make the request and see if you get any takers… imo, you would want more than one person, if you can, as their opinions will likely differ on what is ‘right/wrong’ :slight_smile: depending on the quantity of code, I would be willing to code review it.

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I’m working on a something very simple, a distortion tool. If I’m submitting it for job opportunity I may want to have some more polished, but I don’t think it’s a good idea again to add random STL and extra threading and lock BS unless necessary.

Well, don’t write any code to ‘prove you know how’, just write useful code. Now, making sure you understand modern things is important, and showing that in your code would be just as important. But do so by coming up with useful code that requires those things. I rarely show an entire program at an interview, but instead a single class, or group of inter-related classes, that show my understanding of the language, my code style, and my understanding of ‘good architecture’.

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